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This is a demo of an rpgmaker monstrosity for the good ol fannibals. It's a brief, 10 minutes or under of gameplay showing the first act of the developing full game, configured to have an ending that won't exist in the final project for an air of accomplishment upon defeating the demo. This is my first time making a game and as such may make a bunch of rookie mistakes so I'm open to critique!

I may also release improved an demo (or demos) depending on how much people like the game!


-In English only, sorry.

Known Nonsense (fixed in full game):

-when will transfers from his home to hannibal's, he is facing the doorway when he should be facing the room. a simple error, but pretty silly.

-the two chests in the entrance of hannibal's home can be infinitely exploited for healing items and weapons by going in and out of the room to reset the event. the weapons, kitchen knives, cannot be equipped by any party member however. original plans for the game had you recruit hannibal (who can equip knives) earlier than you will.

-a similar problem can be found in several rooms on the second floor where you can exploit the same event-type on several cabinets for infinite fishing caps (armor), replica armor, replica swords and dictionaries (cannot be equipped yet)

Install instructions

After downloading from this page, click the application "Hannibal Game.exe" and your computer will ask you where you want to extract the files to. A good move is to extract it to your downloads, where you will find a folder titled "Hannibal Game". Go into this folder and double-click the file titled "Game" with a dragon icon. The game should open then!


hanniepopdemo.exe 36 MB

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